How To Get Egor To The Party In Deathloop: Lost In Transmission Guide

Killing Egor and all seven Visionaries in one loop in Deathloop is a complex Rube Goldberg death machine, and sometimes you don’t want to kill a Visionary just because you meet them. Sometimes you just need to engineer their future downfall. This is the case with Egor, who enjoys working day and night at The Complex. But you’re going to want Egor to party in Updaam at night to get rid of him once and for all. Here’s how to do it.

How to get Egor to party in Deathloop

If you head to The Complex at night, you’ll find that the area is full of traps, such as tripwires, mines, and automatic turrets. Oddly enough, almost all the other characters are gone, except Egor, who hangs out near his northern lab, Array Y, desperate to kill you.You can defeat him there – watch out for his etheric tablet, it can sometimes make him invisible – then enter his small two-story lab, investigate all available files and tapes, and learn the code Silence Yegor’s device.

Egor is very concerned about The Complex. He refused to leave the entire cycle because he was working on a research project. During the afternoon hours, he’ll have a breakout to keep him centered there. What you need to do is to disrupt the break earlier in the day so that he drops and goes to the Aleksis party in Updaam that night. Go to The Complex at noon Sneak into the Y formation to the north.

All you need is a Field Eliminator to ruin Egor's studies.
All you need is a Field Eliminator to ruin Egor’s studies.

Climb into the same lab where you found Egor’s notes on another visit, Grab one of several field invalidators on the ground.Sneak into the middle of the clearing (or kill all nearby enemies to move freely) and look for flickering object On the pipes coming out of the ground. This is Egor’s strange contraption that is currently doing what Egor wants it to do by staying invisible. You cannot interact with it while it is invisible, but activating the Field Eliminator nearby will reveal the device and make it usable.

On your device, you can Enter a specific four-digit code. In my game, the code is C370. Since codes are randomly assigned through the game, your code will most likely vary. But not only have you learned this code, but the way the game delivers the information as notes scribbled in the environment should be right in front of you, meaning you don’t even have to search for it in your clue collection.

Your code will be different from mine, but you can find it after defeating Egor in The Complex at night.
Your code will be different from mine, but you can find it after defeating Egor in The Complex at night.

Enter the code and you will successfully deactivate the device. When Yegor returns later in that loop, he’ll assume his breakthrough is still out of reach and decide to attend Alexis’ party in Updam that night. If you want to kill all seven dreamers at once, this is exactly where you want him.

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