How To Find Aleksis In Deathloop: Devouring Of The Lambs Guide

In Deathloop, learning how to kill Aleksis always requires patience, as Aleksis will always be one of the last visionaries you kill. You can only get him to Updham at night when he has a masquerade party. In classic Arkane fashion, you’ll need to do some leg work to spot Aleksis in a crowd of partygoers dressed like him. Also in classic Arkane fashion, there’s more than one right way to do it. If you’re wondering how to spot Aleksis at Deathloop’s party, here are two different strategies.

Dead Loop: Where is Alexis?

As mentioned earlier, Your only chance to get Aleksis seems to be the Updaam (evening) level. He will host his party at the mansion across the map, from where you exit the tunnel. Aleksis may think he’s hosting some kind of Kubrick-style party, but you’re here to make sure it’s more like Poe’s Red Reaper mask.

Under his wolf mask, you can identify him in two main ways. One is to make him dance, and the other is to make him angry. Let’s start with the former.

How to make Aleksis dance

Aleksis is an egocentric guy, and a clever way to get him to reveal himself (figuratively) is to play new music he’s been working on. First, you need to figure out what that beat is. Approach the mansion from the side you see in the picture below – it’s just across from the crevice in the rock behind Otto’s studio. Go up the hill and enter the hotel through the vantage point circled below.

There are many ways to get into a mansion party, but this one is the most convenient.
There are many ways to get into a mansion party, but this one is the most convenient.

Go out of the opening in the left wall, then Walk along the snowy perch until you can jump over the broken wall and go up the stairs. You’ll be on the roof outside, not far from where Alexis lingers, but you won’t be able to spot him without a little front of you will be a white dooryou can enter, then quickly cross the balcony and through the busy room via ceiling fixtures (another Arkane staple).

Sneak into the open window and go right. You will find yourself in front of a turntable with a colorful drum machine type device. On the dance floor below you’ll hear the Eternalists talk about how Aleksis makes his best music while on the toilet – take that as a clue. you’re looking for his bathroom. Ignore the colored numbers on the drum machine and walk out the door opposite the turntable. The other two Eternals will be on duty here, so either eliminate them again or quietly avoid them.

As you walk out the door, turn around and look up. window will open. Use Shift or double jump to climb in and you’ll find yourself in Aleksis’s bathroom with another drum machine right next to the toilet. Take note of the four numbers he highlighted– This is his latest rhythm. Go back to the original drum machine and change the music to match his toilet masterpiece.

You'll need to match this beat to Aleksis' new tune he's getting ready in the bathroom.
You’ll need to match this beat to Aleksis’ new tune he’s getting ready in the bathroom.

Aleksis sensed an opportunity to show off, and he would come to brag about his new music and dance to fresh beats. Now you know who he isso you can take him out as much as you want.

How to get Aleksis alone

Whether you identify Aleksis using the above method or not, killing him is still tricky as he spends all his time beside a few Eternalists.There are dozens of NPCs at the party ready to kill you if you trigger any alarms, so a better approach might be Let Aleksis check out his favorite beerbecause he will do it all by himself.

For this method, you need to do the same thing until you are standing outside in front of the white door. instead of entering it, Look for open doors along the roof behind you. Beware of two guards patrolling outside and two more inside. You’ll be on top of the latter two when you’re in the door, and this time you should take them out (don’t let them go) because that’s where Aleksis will also appear in his loneliness.Once everything is clear, head to the ground floor of this room Look for the small staircase leading to the brewery.

This will be your Aleksis Kill Room, so clear the area it's guarded by the two Eternalists.
This will be your Aleksis Kill Room, so clear the area it’s guarded by the two Eternalists.

When you first arrive at the reveal that Aleksis’s favorite beer is the chocolate-flavored beer, you’ve probably got a head start – you’ll overhear the Eternalist you’ve just killed talking about it before you find them. But even without this clue, you can still do the next part.

Go through corridors of traps such as tripwires and mines in search of a beer that dispenses bile acid beer. Turn the valve to dry the faucet upstairs in the foyer. In killer fashion, Alexis would eventually come and pour himself a drink, realize it wasn’t working, and rush to the basement to vent his frustration.

Carefully close tripwires and mines to reach the brewery, then read the label to find the chocolate beer.
Carefully close tripwires and mines to reach the brewery, then read the label to find the chocolate beer.

Be sure to kill him while he’s there – again, do it silently. He’s only going to linger for a while, so be quickKeep in mind that walking the brewery’s path will identify Aleksis and give you a chance to kill him quietly, so you can skip the dance part if you’re willing to walk that path.

Once you kill Aleksis, you can kill all seven Visionaries in one loop – he may even be your last target by then.

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