Great Houses Go to War in a Brand New Smite Update

This discipline Houses at War Battle Pass brings a slew of new fantasy and armor-themed cosmetic items, including Jade Emperor’s first new skin – Dragon Emperor Jade Emperor! Immediately after purchasing the Battle Pass, feel the power of the dragon with this drake skin. As you brave other big houses and pass levels, you’ll unlock incredible cosmetics and two other skins; House Jackal Anubis and House Phoenix Amaterasu. If you manage to complete the pass, you’ll be rewarded with House Unicorn Chang’e – a regal figure in her fantasy unicorn-themed armor.Test your strength against the great house discipline You will surely be delighted with the reward that awaits you.

Smite - House of War

In this update, we’re giving you more than just a brand new Battle Pass; we’re also updating the Conquest map with a brand new Volcanic Chaos Conquest! This fiery map contains a Polynesian theme, with a beach on the order side and a volcano next to the fire giant. The update will also make some major changes to the map’s structure and mechanics; most notably dual-lane, the naga camp behind Gold Fury (which also now spawns continuously throughout the game) will have their paths redesigned, and ” The “Safe” Naga camp has been merged into a competitive camp that drops Indra’s Scepter instead of the Obelisk! Changes to the map and jungle also include a rework of the Raiders’ Curse and a new Polynesian Obelisk. This obelisk change perpetuates the jungle fog and allows for crab offerings, replacing lost knights with various mini-jungle monsters! Still, that’s not all the changes. Some important jungle objectives have received exciting tweaks, so you should get some new experience on the battlefield!

Finally, to all Avatar: The Last Airbender fans, make sure you’re not a plum missing for flan, because Momo Ratatoskr is coming to the battlefield! Take our favorite flying lemurs out for some quality time (and maybe some team fights!) Unleash Cattras Atlas and Twilight Skyview. The Odyssey’s discounted purchase price has increased over time; so be sure to complete the event and get your brand new T5: Raven torment Hell now! Lest his crows scare the unworthy!

Smite - House of War

jump into discipline Today and check out all the new content in the latest update, including Houses in War Pass, Volcanic Chaos Conquest, and Avatar: The Last Airbender – Momo!

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