Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition Preorders Are Live

Fire Emblem Engage is a brand new entry in the long-running strategy series, debuting during September’s Nintendo Direct.It’ll let you go head-to-head in grid-based strategic combat once again – and it’s currently scheduled for January 20 Released on Nintendo Switch. Although the game won’t be released until next year, pre order Already open for recently announced titles. Nintendo even released a collector’s edition called the Divine can Pre-order the Sacred Edition at Target immediately.

Fire Emblem Engage pre-order bonus

Nintendo has yet to reveal any pre-order bonuses for Fire Emblem participation. This may change as we get closer to launch and more retailers start offering the game, so stay tuned for details.

Fire Emblem Engage will take you to the new kingdom of Elyos, where the evil Fallen Dragon is battling. You will step under the feet of the dragon, whose mission is to fend off the fallen dragon and restore peace to the earth.

In addition to the usual grid-based actions, Engage will introduce the new Emblem Rings mechanic. This will let you summon Fire Emblem characters from previous games, including Marth and Sigurd. These rings are scattered throughout Elyos, and it sounds like it would be well worth keeping track of them. You can get an early look at the upcoming games by checking out the September Nintendo Direct below.

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