Feds seize “staggering” amount of meth in fake Adderall pills laced with it

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A March 2022 seizure of some fake Adderall pills and ingredients containing methamphetamine in Cumberland, Rhode Island is believed to be a record seizure.

U.S. Attorney’s Office and DEA

Providence, Rhode Island — Federal authorities in Rhode Island announced Monday that the seizure of more than 660,000 counterfeit methamphetamine-laced Adderall pills led to charges against a man.

Dylan Rodas, 27, has agreed to plead guilty to a fake pill seized earlier this year, Rhode Island Attorney Zachary Cunha said in the news , intended to distribute methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of approximately $4.6 million. Meeting.

It is believed to be the largest seizure of the counterfeit methamphetamine drug Adderall pill in the United States, and one of the largest methamphetamine seizures in DEA New England Field Service history, he said.

“The amount of methamphetamine that this seizure represents — packaged, prepared and ready to flow onto the streets with devastating effects on our communities — is staggering,” Cunha said.

“Illegal drug distribution destroys the very roots of our families and communities, so every time we take methamphetamine off the streets, it saves lives,” he added.

Adderall is a prescription drug used primarily to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The drugs were seized in March in two court-authorized searches in Cumberland, Rhode Island, he said.

Authorities also found a bucket containing 40 pounds of meth mix that was ready to be pressed into pills, two pill presses that could produce about 5,000 pills an hour, $15,000 in cash and multiple handguns, including Two ghost guns and two pistols with serial numbers had their numbers erased, he said.

Investigation is ongoing.

Brian Boyle, a special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New England office, said officials believe the methamphetamine originated in Mexico.

“With the potency of these fake medicines, just one pill can ruin your life,” he said.

Authorities are seeking a 10-year sentence against Rodas under the plea deal.

His attorney, John Karkani III, said in an email that he had no immediate comment.

The meth epidemic hasn’t hit New England as hard as the rest of the country, but law enforcement needs to be vigilant, Cunha said.

“The indictment we’re announcing today, involving the seizure of what I can only call an industrial-scale amount of methamphetamine, is a stark reminder that we can’t be complacent and we can’t see methamphetamine as a problem happening elsewhere,” he said. Say.

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