Family of boy who suffered head injury falling out of bunk bed at Little League World Series sues league

A Utah boy suffered serious head injury His family is suing the league and the company that made the bed after he came home from the hospital after falling from a bunk bed during the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania last month.

Easton Oliverson, 12, of St. George, Utah, skull fracture On August 15, he fell in a Williamsport dormitory and suffered a brain hemorrhage. He has since undergone three surgeries and battled a staph infection, the family’s attorney, Ken Fulginiti, said Tuesday.

“He’s not doing well. The most recent development after the third craniotomy was a seizure. It’s been a long road,” Fulginiti said. Easton was hospitalized in Pennsylvania and Utah before being discharged last week, he said.

The negligence lawsuit filed by Jess and Nancy Oliverson in Philadelphia on Sept. 16 alleges that the upper bunk had no railings. Neither Little League International nor Williamsport-based Savoy Contract Furniture immediately responded to messages seeking comment.

Easton, a pitcher and outfielder for the Santa Clara Snow Canyon team in southwestern Utah, fell asleep in his sleep, Fulguiniti said. The lawsuit seeks more than $50,000 for the boy’s care, as well as punitive damages.

“They are very grateful for all the support they have received across the country,” Fulginiti said. “But they’re trying to focus on family. They have two other kids, and a lot.”

Jess Oliverson was the baseball team’s assistant coach, while Easton’s younger brother Brogan was the backup, who was named to take his place after the fall. Snow Canyon was eliminated after two losses.

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