Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder: Seasonal Challenges Guide Week 5

After a month of outer space piracy in Season of Plunder, it’s time to set sail again in Destiny 2, as some new seasonal objectives have been activated.

To get your first reputation this week, head to the Lost Zone around the EDZ and Devrim Kay. Widow’s Walk and Terminus East have plenty of high-level fallen ones, and those lost divisions can be nurtured quickly. For Seeker’s Cache II, you should now have a teammate unlocked, so be sure to scramble to summon them during the Ketchcrash and Expedition events.

Spyglass can also be an easy seasonal target if you own an Ager’s Scepter Track Rifle. Find a lost sector full of enemies (e.g. K1 Apocalypse on the Moon and Exodus Garden 2A in the Cosmodrome – start destroying enemies, then let the smash damage work.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can tackle the Lost Sector and maybe even earn yourself a new exotic, like a fallen sun star or a point-contact cannon mount, depending on how the gear spins this week.

A steady stream of experience will help fill up your Season Pass faster so you can equip your Guardians with more loot during the Plunder Season. You can also tackle seasonal challenges at your own pace, as they only expire after the season ends in December. If you decide to take a week or two off from Destiny 2, you can go back and complete multiple challenges at the same time.

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Week 5

Antiquities V

Return the fifth relic to HELM. Also, defeat powerful Fallen throughout the system. Defeating stronger combatants will reward progress.


Expert Expedition II

In expeditions, collect treasures into treasure chests and defeat champions.


Seeker’s Chest II

Summon the crew in Expedition and Ketchcrash. Additionally, decipher the Medium Treasure Beacon, obtainable from HELM’s Star Chart.



Defeat the target with the Scout Rifle and smash the damage. Defeat the Combatants in Ketchcrash and defeat the Guardians to earn bonus progress.


resistance and resistance

Get the grenade launcher Cry Mutiny.



Defeat the Guardians in the Crucible. Opponents defeated with the help of arc or still effects can earn bonus progress.


oh captain

Defeat the Cabal and Fallen bosses in Strikes or Vanguard playlists.


week 1

successful expedition

Obtain Plundered Shadow Power from Expedition Reward Chests.


antique me

Return the first relic to HELM. Defeat the combatants in Europa. Defeating combatants with the Fusion Rifle will earn bonus progress.


fire discipline

Complete the Ketchcrash event and activate the cannon on your Ketch deck.


Shaper I

Shape three unique seasonal weapons.


Europa Events

On Europa, progress by completing Bounties, Lost Areas, Patrols, and Public Events.


accept all challenges

Complete weekly playlist challenges.


Remote calibration

Calibrate ranged weapons on Europa – Pulse Rifles, Bows and Track Rifles. Lost Sector bonus progress.


dredge victory

Complete the Gambit match. Earn bonus progress.


The flourishing of power

Use super powers to defeat the Guardians in the Mayhem playlist.


Fallen Autumn

Defeat fallen combatants in Vanguard playlists or strikes. Defeat stronger combatants for bonus progress.


week 2

Antiquities II

Return the second relic to HELM. Defeat the Fallen. Defeating them with a precise final blow will reward progress.


Experts visit me

Complete expeditions and collect treasure in Treasures.


Seeker’s cache I

Full bounty from Starmap or Nessus, Cosmodrome or Europa. Also, decipher the small treasure beacon in the HELM chart.



Defeat the target with a submachine gun. Defeat the Combatants in Ketchcrash and defeat the Guardians to earn bonus progress.


spaceport activities

At the spaceport, progress by completing Bounties, Patrols, Lost Sectors, and Public Events.


lost in legend

Complete the Lost Sector of Legendary or higher.


close range calibration

Calibrate close-range weapons – pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, knives and swords at the spaceport. Bonus progress for beating opponents quickly.


bank, kill, repeat

Earn points by banking dust, defeating blockers, and defeating guardians in Gambit.


arc of history

Defeat the Guardian with arc damage. Defeat blind opponents for bonus progress.


Anti-cabal sweep

Defeat Cabal fighters in Vanguard playlists or strikes. Defeat stronger combatants for bonus progress.


week 3

Antiquities III

Return the third relic to HELM. Also, defeat Cabal. Defeating them with a Terminator will reward bonus progress.


sextant navigation i

Collect map fragments and treasure coordinates during the loot season.


ketchup i

In Ketchcrash, destroy shield generators in maintenance bays, hack terminals in treasure chests, and destroy tanks in Ether Storage.



Defeat targets with machine guns. Defeating combatants and defeating guardians in expeditions will reward progress.


Nessus Events

On Nessus, progress by completing Bounties, Patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors.


power broker

Reach level 1,570 by earning powerful rewards and memory.


mid-range calibration

Calibrate medium range weapons on Nessus – hand cannons, war knives, automatic rifles, fusion rifles, machine guns. Bonus progression for quickly defeating combatants.


original follower

Defeat Taken in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for tougher combatants.


iron grinding iron

Complete the Crucible match. Earn bonus progress in Iron Banner and Victory.


ultimate champion

Defeat the Warrior in any Nightfall on Heroic difficulty or higher. Earn bonus progress on higher difficulty levels.


week 4

Antiquities Four

Return the fourth relic to HELM. Also, beat Vex. Defeating them with melee abilities will grant bonus progress.


thief me

Use the treasure map to reveal additional rewards at the end of the expedition. Additional progress will be gained by using advanced treasure maps. Additionally, spend Umbral Energy on the star map to focus throughout the season.



Complete Ketchcrash on Master difficulty.



Defeat targets with shotguns and defeat blind combatants. Defeating combatants in Expeditions and Guardians will earn bonus progress.


mod collector

Unlock artifact mods.


Precision calibration

Use marksman weapons (Sniper Rifle, Scout Rifle, and Linear Fusion Rifle) for precision final strikes on land. Reward progress against Guardians.


high value hunter

Defeat powerful combatants in Gambit and earn bonus progress for defeating high-value targets.


slow down

Defeat the Guardian with static damage. Bonus progress for defeating opponents that have been slowed or frozen.


The darkest night falls

Complete any 3 Nightfalls on Heroic difficulty or higher. Rewards a Night Weapon.


  • Challenger XP
  • Mingchen
  • nightfall weapon

How do seasonal challenges work?

Seasonal challenges can be accessed from the Missions tab in the main menu, where you can find missions that revolve around eliminating certain enemies with specific elements, participating in one of the game’s new activities, or completing raids. Each challenge can be completed once per account, and typically around 10 new challenges are added each week, which will be active throughout the season.

Completing the Season of Pillage challenges will satisfy the Seasonal Challenge requirements, which in turn will give you a massive reward of Light Dust, a selection of cosmetic items, emotes, and items that can be purchased in the Eververse Store.

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