BBC Star Admits He Pursues a ‘Liberal Agenda’ with Late Night Talk Show

One of the BBC’s most famous presenters has admitted to pursuing a “liberal agenda” on prime-time late-night TV.

One of the BBC’s most prominent talents, Graham Norton, has admitted to pursuing a “liberal agenda” on his prime-time talk show, which airs regularly on the BBC’s state broadcaster on Friday nights.

Despite being asked to remain politically neutral, the broadcaster has long been under fire for its left-wing leanings, with the group often accused of overemphasizing racial and transgender diversity in its hiring process.

in a interview and sunday timesNorton admits that his own show has a “liberal agenda,” although proving such an agenda helps to better “reflect” the world we live in.

“I guess it’s a liberal agenda, but it doesn’t seem very liberating to bring viewers back to themselves unless you just want to see yourself staring at you on TV,” Norton told the publication.

“There was a time when you were desperately looking for a non-white actor that audiences would recognise,” the Irishman, originally from County Cork, continued. “That’s not the case anymore. Anything a guest does is popular enough to put them on the couch, and you want the world to reflect.”

Nonetheless, while Norton appears to be mum on the idea of ​​letting people with “right-wing” views discuss their political stances on his show, he supports the idea that they shouldn’t be banned from watching TV shows, and that they should Conversation is important. people you disagree with.

In particular, the BBC presenter recently discussed having controversial author JK Rowling talk about her new novel on his radio show, and the presenter said that while she had the opportunity to talk about her new art project, the major literary figure It was right to have the opportunity to talk about her new art project. Politically incorrect views about transgender.

“…I wouldn’t let her express her opinion,” Norton admitted. “But she still has the right to continue talking about her crime fiction.”

“The easiest thing to do is keep her off stage, but that doesn’t seem right,” Kirkman continued, noting that he is not “the moral arbiter of who in the world can or can’t be on TV.”

“We should be talking to someone we disagree with and I’m not going to make any further reasons for not letting her in,” he continued, though he claimed it was “hard to find a right-wing guest”.

“[A]nd, if you do that, the audience probably doesn’t want to see them,” Norton claimed.

The TV presenter’s admission that his show promotes a “liberal agenda” is only the latest time the BBC’s left-wing bias has been exposed, the state broadcaster has previously been accused of in its planning and recruitment plans.

The BBC, for example, has long effectively banned white people from certain positions at the broadcaster, publicly posting job listings that describe itself as someone from a “Black, Asian and Non-White Ethnic Minority” (BAME) background.

Meanwhile, a report into the UK TV industry as a whole found that ethnic and sexual minorities were disproportionately represented on screen, with BAME actors making up 23 per cent of TV roles. This is despite the fact that the BAME population in the UK is about 14%.

While the BBC also has diversity quotas aimed at increasing the number of women in the organisation, those quotas have reportedly been undermined to some extent by the practice of hiring trans people who are genetically male.

The practice has now sparked accusations that broadcasters are “disappearing women” from unhappy feminists.

“The BBC has now ‘disappeared’ women as a gender class in favour of monitoring ‘gender identity’,” a senior whistleblower for the group – which has reportedly called the BBC “serious sexist” – reported, The company’s recruitment practices.

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