Asmongold Has Harsh Words For CrazySlick, Mizkif, And Twitch Amid Controversies

Asmongold shares his thoughts on the recent gambling and alleged sexual assault controversy surrounding streamers CrazySlick and Mizkif.

Asmongold never backed down when it came to his views, giving his take on the recent controversy surrounding his compatriot. twitch Streamers CrazySlick and Mizkif. This has been a proverbial “hot topic” for many of the top streamers on Twitch, many of whom are somehow connected to Slick or Mizkif, and have been sharing their respective thoughts. However, given the involvement of his OTK founders and one of their mutual friends, Asmongold’s thoughts were perhaps the harshest as the controversy erupted.

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while playing World of Warcraft In a recent livestream, Asmongold didn’t seem to hold back after speaking about CrazySlick’s gambling controversy and allegedly sexually assaulting streamer Adrianah Lee at a party in 2021. Asmongold started the damning tirade while reading Slick’s Twitter thread in response to Adrianah’s post. accusing, and telling Slick “I want you to die” on the air.When the audience asks if he is serious or deep down World of WarcraftAsmongold stood firm.

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Asmongold then turned his attention to Mizkif, who is accused of helping to cover up allegations of sexual assault by Adrianah and streamer TrainwrecksTV. According to the above statement, he told the audience that if Mizkif and other Slick-related friends did not sever ties with Slick, he would sever ties with them.

This is the latest impact on many of the top streamers on Twitch, both directly and indirectly, with Mizkif at the center of both. The initial controversy led top streamers to call on Twitch to ban gambling on the stream, while Mizkif intervened with fellow streamer Sliker to address his gambling habits. However, the sexual assault allegations against CrazySlick and Mizkif helped to gloss over that, which turned the conversation towards holding the two men accountable if the allegations were found to be true.

As for Asmongold’s comments, he may face repercussions for his tirade against Slick, as he said he wanted Slick to “die.” The comments could be interpreted as violating Twitch’s Community Guidelines for Violence and Threats, which include “attempting or threatening to physically harm or kill another person,” which the platform considers a “zero-tolerance violation” that could result in an indefinite suspension. As of this writing, Asmongold’s channel has not been suspended, but the stream containing his above statement has been removed.

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