AMD Tips Radeon 7000 Graphics Cards Announcement for Nov. 3

It looks like AMD’s next-generation PC graphics cards will arrive in November.

AMD plans to unveil its RDNA 3 graphics architecture on November 3, a company executive announced on Twitter this morning.

This tweet(opens in new window) AMD Radeon general manager Scott Herkelman said the company’s Radeon RX 7000 desktop graphics card — which the RDNA3 architecture will power — is on the way.

AMD also announced the event two hours before Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is expected to announce its next-generation graphics cards, the RTX 4000 series, at today’s GTC developer event, which will be streamed online(opens in new window)Taken together, this news means that a wave of new GPU models could hit the market soon.

AMD didn’t provide any other details about the Nov. 3 event. But the company is already teasing out some details about the Radeon 7000 GPU.At last month’s Ryzen 7000 event, the company unveiled digital images of RDNA 3-based graphics cards, as well as demos of GPUs running upcoming games P’s lie(opens in new window).

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AMD promises that the Radeon RX 7000 series will deliver 50% better performance per watt than the previous-generation 6000 series, which will be available in fall 2020. The GPU will use 5nm manufacturing processors to pack more transistors on the chip, an upgrade from the 7nm process in the Radeon 6000 series.

Additionally, the 7000 series will be AMD’s first graphics cards based on a “chiplet” design, which is expected to make products easier and cheaper to produce. Other improvements include upgraded power efficiency and enhanced ray tracing for more realistic PC graphics.

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