2K Games support goes offline after being hacked and used for phishing emails

2K Games’ support website has been hacked, and the publisher is warning users to beware of phishing emails as it closes the support portal for maintenance.

“Earlier today, we became aware that an unauthorized third party had illegally accessed the credentials of one of our suppliers to gain access to the help desk platform 2K uses to support our customers,” 2K said in a tweet. “Communications containing malicious links have been sent to certain players by an unauthorized party. Please do not open any emails or click on any links you receive from your 2K Games support account.”

If you Have Clicking on such a link, 2K recommends taking some security precautions, including resetting any passwords you have stored in your browser, enabling two-factor authentication for any account, and running an antivirus program.

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Currently, the 2K support site is going offline, and the publisher will issue a separate notice once it resumes.

2K Support provides customer service for most games under the 2K Games tab, including Borderlands, Civilization, WWE 2K, NBA 2K, and more. While 2K is a sister company to Rockstar, which is owned by Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar handles all of its own support in-house, so this has nothing to do with games like Grand Theft Auto 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, Rockstar has its own problems with hacking around GTA 6. Over the weekend, a series of footage from an early version of the next-gen Grand Theft Auto leaked online. Rockstar has confirmed that the leak is real and the result of a “cyber intrusion”. The hacker is said to have been involved in a number of hacking campaigns of major tech companies in 2022, including Uber, Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia, and now the FBI is involved.

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