2 dead as Hurricane Fiona leaves much of Puerto Rico without power

San Juan, Puerto Rico — At least two people died as most of Puerto Rico remained without power afterward Hurricane Fiona Heavy rain and flash floods hit the island for the second day in a row.

Along Puerto Rico’s southern coast, Hurricane Fiona dumped as much as 25 inches of rain and brought winds of up to 91 mph. The brown flood came in all directions, engulfing everything in Santa Isabel’s path.

In the middle of Utuado Island, a new metal bridge was built four years ago after Hurricane Maria was swept away like branches. Video shows neighbours with a boat and some ropes desperately trying to save a family trapped in high water in Cayey.

Catastrophic floods and mudslides destroyed trees and power lines in the northern Grand Baja, with people standing on cars and the second floor of their homes.

Almost the entire island remains in darkness, with 1.3 million people without electricity and nearly 840,000 without running water.

In the small western town of Anasco, Norma Rivera is determined to stay where she grew up.

“I’m not leaving,” she said. “Even if we have to live in tents, we’ll make it work.”

Lourdes, a long-time resident who did not give his last name, weathered the storm. Her community has barely recovered since Hurricane Maria in 2017.

“They worked hard for their stuff,” she said, “and now they’ve lost it again.”

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