Pokemon GO Confirms October 2022 Community Day Pokemon

Niantic has selected a highly sought-after Ghost/Fire-type Pokemon for next month’s Community Day closest to Halloween.

Niantic announced, Pokemon GO October’s Community Day Pokemon will be Litwick, Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon. This Community Day will mark Litwick’s debut game.

Pokemon GO Keeping its Season of Light theme by using Pokemon with terrifying origins, opt for Litwick, which is shaped like a candle but has darker connotations and is a ghost and fire-type Pokemon. Like other Community Day Pokemon, Litwick’s shiny form increases the odds. Litwick debuted in 2019, but it’s hard to find outside of events featuring ghost-type Pokemon. Even so, Litwick’s spawn rate is not as high as other Pokémon.

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The Litwick Community Day will take place on October 15th from 2-5pm local time and will feature a special catch bonus. Some things to look forward to are triple capture XP, double Litwick candies after capture, increased chance of double XL candies for trainers at level 31 or higher, and longer bait and incense durations extended to 3 Hour. Friends will be able to trade Pokemon for a lower cost, and two special deals will be available during Community Day time. After the Community Day time, chances of a shiny Litwick hunt will also increase. Trainers doing face-to-face 4-star Lambert raids will get more Litwick respawns in the 30min and 300m raid gyms after the Community Day Sparkling respawn rate ends.

Litwick’s final form, Chandelure, will learn a unique Community Day move in Poltergeist, which will be available for the first time in Poltergeist Pokemon GO. This move has the potential to be one of the best Ghostly Charge moves and relies on a combination of quick moves and Pokemon IV. If powerful enough, it can make Chandelure useful against psychic raids like the Mega-Alakazam. The addition of Poltergeist may also bring Chandelure one step closer to becoming one of the best Ghost-type attackers under the Super Evolved Ghost-type Pokemon.

as standard Pokemon GO During the Community Day event, there will be a special Research Story Path ticket in the store for $1.00 (or regional equivalent), which will provide additional access to premium items like Litwick Candy and Shiny Litwick and Star Shards.

An event featuring Litwick Pokemon GO Long awaited. It’s arguably one of the better shiny changes in the game in the entire evolution line. Pokemon GO Trainers can only hope that the odds are in their favor, and hope to collect not only shiny Litwicks, but those with good IVs that can be used in raids and shown off at the gym.

Pokemon GO Now available on Android and iOS.

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