Pokemon Fan Uses Etch-A-Sketch to Draw Bulbasaur and Its Evolutions

A talented Pokemon fan used Etch-a-Sketch to draw detailed pictures of Bulbasaur and its evolution, Ivy and Venus.

One Pokemon Fans recently decided to use Etch-a-Sketch to create incredible artwork based on Bulbasaur and its evolution. Given the popularity of this Pokemon among fans, the fact that gamers are making Bulbasaur-based fan art isn’t a surprise. Still, this etching sketch art stands out.

As part of the original Gen 1 Pokedex, Bulbasaur is one of the Kanto starters that players can choose from at the start pokemon red and blue. As a result, it has become something many fans of the series instantly recognize. This grass/poison Pokemon comes in green and features a cute plant-themed design with a large plant bulb on the back. Also, its evolutions are Ivysaur and Venusaur.Recently, a Pokemon Fans think these grass/poison Pokemon designs will be perfect for etching sketches.

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Decided to make this unique type of artist Pokemon The artwork is Princess Etch, also known as Pikajane on Reddit, and the results of the project show that it takes a lot of talent to make these drawings. In a Reddit post, the artist shared a video showing her creation of Bulbasaur. As she starts with a blank canvas, the accelerated video shows her quickly turning a pair of small round heads attached to Etch-a-Sketch, creating the shape of the Bulbasaur. After a few more seconds, the video shows that she has completed the entire design of the Pokemon.

Aside from sketching out a detailed image of Bulbasaur, Princess Etch didn’t stop there. The video goes on to see her create images of Ivy and Venus. Each of these drawings contains the same impressive detail as the Bulbasaur, including the plant growth on their backs. While these finished drawings are striking no matter how they were created, they are made even more striking as Princess Etch managed to make them using only two dials on Etch-a-Sketch.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only Etch-a-Sketch artwork created by Princess Etch on Reddit. Over the past few months, she has made many sketches of other Pokemon. For example, the artist previously created an impressive drawing of Milotich, which she revealed was her “favorite” Pokemon. Several other Pokemons she drew include Groudon, Okanen, and Pikachu. It will be interesting to see which Pokemon the talented artist decides to create next with Etch-a-Sketch.

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