Krafton Teases Unannounced Fantasy Game Based on “The Bird That Drinks Tears” With Gory Trailer in Unreal Engine 5


Krafton will continue to tease its unannounced fantasy game based on Yeongdo Lee’s novel “The Bird That Drinks Tears.”

Following the announcement of the project last month, Krafton continued to tease its unannounced fantasy game, which is based on Yingdao Lee’s novel “The Bird That Drinks Tears.”

Today, the company behind PUBG released a new rather bloody trailer inspired by a concept design by design director Iain McCaig.

Made in Unreal Engine 5, it shows the protagonist of the book Kagan Draca, also known as Nhaga Slayer.

He did pretty much what the tin said, killing countless members of the Serpentine Nhaga race in a rather disturbing and absolutely countless way. However, his boundless hatred also seems to be taking its toll on him.

Inspired by East Asian folklore, the Nhaga are a cold-blooded race that inhabit the hot, humid jungles of the southern part of the world. They communicated silently with each other through a method called “Neam”, and they were rumored to be able to achieve immortality by ritually removing their hearts.

Although the trailer doesn’t explain it, that’s probably why the Nhaga in the trailer is still conscious even after his head is cut off.

Other races in the book world, in addition to the more mundane humans, are also inspired by East Asian legends, including the birds Raikang and Tokbi, which were inspired by Korean goblins. You won’t find Western-style fantasy creatures like elves or dwarves here.

You can check out the trailer below.

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