Armed Fantasia by Wild Arms Developers Gets New WIP Gameplay Video & Details


The spiritual successor to the Wild Arms, Armed Fantasia, looks promising.

Today, the developers of Wild Bunch Production released a new gameplay video if the upcoming Wild Arms spiritual successor Arms Fantasia.

The video shows a forest area with some enemies placed and a character named Alicia walks through the place. As with the previous videos, many elements that will be present in the final game are still missing.

You can check it out below.

We also learned more about the combat system Kickstarter Updateespecially the mechanics behind equipping specific ARMs on each character.

Whenever a character is equipped with an ARM, they can gain the following skills.

  • Command Skills – Active skills that players can choose during combat.
  • Reactive Skills – Passive skills that activate automatically in certain situations.
  • Auxiliary Skills – Passive skills that increase character attributes and make them more powerful.

There are six arm types, and each type has a party character associated with it. Here are some examples:

  • Gun weapons put the character in a role that can act quickly and can attack multiple enemies.
  • The spear weapon puts the character in a character with high attack, high defense, and the ability to take a lot of physical damage.
  • Staff ARMs place characters in characters that allow them to use elemental magic to attack enemies.

The ability to change characters by switching ARMs is the “character change system”.

Initially, characters can only use ARMs of the type they are used to, but after reaching level 30, you can add a second ARM type. They will get one more every 10 levels. Players decide the order in which they unlock.

Then, we heard about the Cross-Link feature. Only 3 characters can actively participate in combat, and they are the front row. The rest of the characters are in the back row. These provide support, but do not appear on the battlefield.

You can create cross-links by associating roles in the front row with partners in the back row.

When it’s your turn, you can swap the cross-linked characters from the front row to the back row. Supporters in the back row can use Reaction Skills to help when activation conditions are met. Those can also be chained.

On top of that, front row characters gain support skills from back row linked characters. If they have the same support skills, they actually stack.

Below you can also see the art of the protagonists with different ARMs.

Launcher event received At the time of writing, $1,314,113 has been pledged, with over $876,000 earmarked for Armed Fantasia and the rest for Yukikaze’s Penny Blood.

Both games are well-funded, and they’re both heading toward stretch goals, with 10 days to go.

They’ll be coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and temporarily for a possible next-gen Nintendo console.

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